2018 Ride Dates May 17-Jun 2, 2018 - MARK YOUR CALENDARS!!!

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2018 Ride Itinerary .pdf (2 pages)

2018 Combined Membership, X-State Ride Registration, Liability/Tunnel Release Waiver form .pdf (2 pages**)

**Note that the combined form is set to print landscape and has the page 2 release form showing sideways if viewed online-this is correct for printing formatted correctly. This also provides the option to print both pages on 1 sheet of paper.

JWPWR Cross State Ride Book - Revised 2018(opens in new window, so check your pop-up blockers if it doesn't open)


2018 Dates listed above show the last day of the Ride is Saturday June 2nd from Rosalia to Tekoa. Sunday is the day everyone travels home or has the option to stay on their own to ride the last few miles from Tekoa to the Idaho border on Sunday June 3rd. Please see the provided Itinerary for specific schedule days location, distances, camp specifics, etc. Each registered participant will be provided a Guide when they check in that will give details on each day with the information regarding camp conditions to expect, water availability, town amenities like groceries or feed store, etc. and driving directions to each camp location. We ask that participants do not "leapfrog" ahead to camps and setup before the Ride and Parking Committee arrive. Some of our camps require organized parking efforts to fit everyone in and allow room for livestock and you will be asked to move if you are onsite early in a location that interferes with that effort. This Ride moves very quickly in the mornings to get 100+ rigs parked efficiently, Ride participants on the bus heading back to the day's starting point and on the Trail. It requires impressive organization from our Parking Committee and cooperation from our Ride Participants to make it all happen every day of the Ride.