Cross State Ride
Frequently Asked Questions

We are working on a more expanded FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions) file to give the people who are joining us for the very first time a better idea of how it all happens, some suggestions on how to pack and prepare and what to expect along the way. This amazing experience is quite an adventure in moving 100+ people, animals, rigs, bicycles, wagons, etc down the trail every day.  Click below for our first-timers guide. There have been changes since this document was prepared.

Information for the First Timer Joining The John Wayne Pioneers, Wagons, and Riders Club Cross State Ride

If you have any additional suggestions regarding helpful tips or information you would like to have added to this guide, please Contact Us. 

Who can Participate?
The ride is open to everyone. Most participants are either horseback riders or teamsters. We usually have one or two bike riders and hikers. It is an excellent wagon trail, with gentle grades and a firm roadbed.

What do I need?
You must care for yourself and your animals. You will need a truck, trailer and camping equipment. You must provide your own feed but there will be places where you can purchase supplies.  Most camp sites have water for your animals, but not all.  You should be able to carry a two day supply of water for your animals.  You should bring water for yourself.

How does it work?
Each morning you will saddle (or harness) up and tie your horse or leave it in the care of a friend. Following our bus, you will drive your truck and trailer ahead to the next campsite. Our bus will bring you back to your horse.  You then ride forward to the next campsite.  You do not have to ride with one big group.  You can go at your own pace.

What about food?
Meals are “on your own”, but many nights there are dinners put on by local groups or arranged by the club.  They are strictly optional. 

What if I need a vet or farrier?
A list of local services will be included with registration materials.  

When do I get water, dump my holding tanks and buy groceries?
Some days the ride is short and you will have time to shop. There are also two days when there is no ride planned.  We can supply you with the locations of dump stations and shopping locations.

Do I have to ride every day?
No. Most participants don’t ride every day. You can trailer your horse ahead and ride the Trail backward a few miles, or ride around the camp.

Can I come for a few days or split the ride into two parts?
Yes.  The best experience is to make the whole two week trek but,  if you cannot, you are welcome to come for a day, a weekend or any amount of time you can allow.  Some participants will ride the first half or last half or just come on weekends.

Who drives the bus?
A CDL licensed driver drives the bus.

What are the parades like? Do I have to participate?
We usually participate in the Rosalia Battle Days parade and, depending on the year, there may be others. You do not need to participate, but it is appreciated. Wear blue jeans, a white shirt and a red scarf. If you wish, you may volunteer to carry a flag. Riders pair up and ride two by two.

Whats the White Scarf Award?
Participants who ride or drive every day are awarded a white scarf at the end of the trip.  You will need to keep track of your progress each day.