Cross State Ride
Frequently Asked Questions

Information for the First Timer joining the John Wayne Wagons and Riders Cross State Ride

Who can Participate?
The ride is open to everyone. Most participants are either horseback riders or teamsters. We usually have one or two bike riders and hikers. It is an excellent wagon trail, with gentle grades and a firm roadbed.

What do I need?
You must care for yourself and your animals. You will need a truck, trailer and camping equipment. You must provide your own feed but there will be places where you can purchase supplies.  Most camp sites have water for your animals, but not all.  You should be able to carry a two day supply of water for your animals.  You should bring water for yourself.

How does it work?
Each morning you will saddle (or harness) up and tie your horse or leave it in the care of a friend. Following our bus, you will drive your truck and trailer ahead to the next campsite. Our bus will bring you back to your horse.  You then ride forward to the next campsite.  You do not have to ride with one big group.  You can go at your own pace.

What type of support do we have?

The ride is fully supported with a large bus & small bus with portable restrooms aka the “coyote lounge”. Volunteers that are familiar with the trail are on site to help or assist with anyone new.

What about food?
We now offer an *inclusive meal ticket option that covers 10 dinners & 2 breakfasts while on the trail. We urge participants to choose this option as a way to show their support to the communities we travel thru. The remaining evenings are typically near restaurants where you are “on your own”.

*optional but encouraged

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